Thursday, 16 February 2012


Map Bag from Annex

The new Dr in the Office-Next-Door
showed MrsM the boots she had ordered.
They were black and suede and fabulous
but somehow not quite perfect.
They agreed that she could wear them
with skinny jeans or skirts or shorts
and  looked at the reference pictures
of famous people wearing those very boots
but there was something about the heel
or the cut around the ankle
or the shape of the toe.
MrsM agreed they were not  right
for the new Dr in the Office-Next-Door.
So they must be sent back immediately.
And MrsM smiled and thought to herself
how much she was going to enjoy
the new Dr in the Office-Next-Door.


  1. There is just a hint of MissM in this post....

    I see you have word verification now - are you being plagued with spam, as I am? I'm thinking of adding it too.

  2. Never mind the boots... I'm swooning over that bag!

  3. How fortunate of you to have such a neighbour.

  4. You must dress very well for your comments to be well received.

  5. I'm with Gina! I adore that bag! What a clever idea and terrific execution!

  6. I am so pleased you get to talk fashion with the new Dr. Although how anyone is getting any work, DrHGxx


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