Monday, 26 March 2012

Acres of Canvas

Campward Ho!
A Manual for Girl Scout Camps (1910)
Project Gutenburg

MrsM considers her new Sports Bra
and anxiously wrings her hands.

It has many necessary features
but it is not obvious how to get into it.
She wishes there were instructions
or at least an annnotated diagram.
MrsM always knew that
she should have paid more attention
when she was being shown
how to rig a bell tent.

There is only one solution:
it is humiliating but inevitable...

MrsM summons MrM.


  1. Eleven minutes past midnight and I am not going to be able to get to sleep because of laughing and it is all.your.fault!

  2. A Sports Bra?

    The Horror.

  3. You have my sympathies - on a recent shopping trip for a similar aforementioned article, I discovered it had two sets of hooks at the back, the top ones of which, one would have had to have arms of orangutan-style length to reach.
    So, training has commenced in earnest then. Bravo.

  4. Thank goodness I've taken up swimming - my costume is easy to slip into by comparison - if I had to use up all my energy getting into something complex I'd have none left to do the exercise

  5. WHy not email me first?
    I am the Queen of Sport Bras (much to Bb's horror ...)

  6. By the time you've got into it you'll have no need of the sport bit!

  7. Rest assured, this challenge will not be wasted.

    Taken from the Krypton Factor Wikipedia page:

    'Intelligence Round

    A two or three-dimensional puzzle where shapes had to be put together to fill a rectangular grid or make a bigger shape was the basis for this round. Most of these were devised by Dr. Gerry Wickham of the University of Manchester's School of Mathematics. As the contestants performed the task, presenter Gordon Burns provided a commentary to viewers at home on the contestant's progress and advice on how to solve the puzzle.'

  8. Oh how I wish they would bring back the Krypton Factor. Maybe we could put together a blog team. I'll be in charge of the tea urn.

  9. Warning!!! Mrs.M be absolutely certain Mr.M or some other equally trusted intimate will be available for the other task- taking the sports bra off. Upon getting "it all" in place the bra will form a suction. If you choose to exert yourself beyond getting the bra on...perspiring will most likely follow. The damp suction cup effect will require more over the head strength than a team of mules has, I hope I have caught you in time! XXOO

  10. Hm. not sure how to respond...since i simply pull mine over my head (like i did my undershirts as a kid), adjust, and go. Reverse to remove.
    What's the big deal?


  11. Did you get out of it OK?

  12. Oh, don't you just step into them and pull them into position?

    Good luck on getting out!

  13. I can almost sense Mr M's fear from here. Mr DC would probably leave town.

    To my shame I destroyed my last sports bra - I maintain that they had used substandard hooks but let's just say it no longer has a functioning fastening ...

  14. Loud, raucous laughter.... and a twinge of sympathy.

    From one who is old enough to remember roll-ons.

  15. I understand, but I'm more concerned about how you got out of the thing.

    Still wearing it?


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