Tuesday, 20 March 2012

a breath of sea air

Leave your Tuesday worries behind
and share in my unforgettable holiday moment.

Imagine that you are walking
along the quay after a delicious lunch...

take a deep breath
of sea air...

soak up that Mediterranean sunshine...

and try to ignore the fact
that the front of your new white shirt
is covered with Bouillabaisse.


Back to Tuesday.


  1. I can smell it!

    (The sea air, not the soup.)

  2. Lovely photographs, makes me want to have a vacation where there is sunshine and sea air . . . oh, wait, I live somewhere like that. Okay I will settle for somewhere they serve lunch like that and speak a language that is not English!

  3. Oh, lovely, feeling warmer already. Actually the last time I ate bouillabaisse was 1st September in Coverack, Cornwall.

  4. Note to self - leave the white shirts at home :)

  5. I'd swap warmth for a mucky top any day! That looks like Mallorca to me?

  6. Ah, thankyou! My Tuesday was already good (helped by a particularly lovely email) but now it's even better.

  7. oh so lovely - Tuesday magic was just what I needed, thankyou.

    oh and I just dipped the sleeve of my (new to me) white shirt in a cup of coffee.....

  8. ah, yes...that started out nice. But now, i've forgotten all about the food and the blouse...as i'm once again mulling over our weird language, which is what i do every time i see this word:

    quay = kee


  9. as opposed to Que ? = kay

  10. Hmmm ... this is too familiar for me ... I see that sea every day and as much as I LOVE it, I need a break from it every now and then. Picture your longing for sun and sea: it's my longing for museums, theatres, galleries, a REAL hospital (when needed) ...
    One can never have everything.
    So if it's the Mediterranean and sun you're looking for, come on my terrace, sit down and wait: a drink and a meal will appear shortly after. And we'll be chatting and laughing while looking at it (I always sit facing the wall of my house so guests can eat and drink while chatting with me, enjoying the view)

  11. Ah, another Spiller. Welcome to my world.

  12. I am not allowed to have white shirts. I find white shirts and the inbuilt soup shelf I possess are a very, very bad combination.

  13. A lightweight scarf might have covered the mark...

  14. Of course if I had been the culprit there would have been immediate photographic evidence, full admonishment and I would have been held out to dry in more ways than one ...

  15. What pretty boats!

  16. we shall be returning (to paraphrase MacArthur)


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