Wednesday, 21 March 2012

facing east

Nobody else would photograph these trees.
Actually, I am not sure why I am doing it.
I have to stand on an angle of yellow lines
with my back pressed against a brick wall
and lift the camera a precise amount
to obscure the portacabin roof.

There is no deep meaning in the choice of view
but as I pass the corner in the carpark
I see the trees in the distance
framing the morning or evening sky.

And now, almost without realising,
I have a collection of photos over the months.
Looking at them I can feel that moment
when I am not thinking about anything,
just pressing my back against the wall,
facing east.


  1. Sometimes it's the little big things...

  2. title of a book, is that (Facing East). hugs. lent and early spring is often a hard ride; grief too is hard...

  3. We all need moments like those.

  4. There's something really satisfying about a collection of photos of the same subject though I can't define it - sets one in the moment somehow.

  5. Well, their frame against the various shades of blue of the sky at different times fo the day is simply gorgeous.
    That's why.

  6. I always think of this sort of view as "black lace"

  7. Thank you , Alice. I really love trees. And sky. Hope you're well.

  8. Too many people forget to look up! Lovely post.

  9. In my humble opinion tress are about the most photoworthy creatures on the planet! Thank you ... from myself AND the trees :-)

  10. You do it because you are a poet, able to see the beauty in something so everyday, just by looking at it a slightly different way.

  11. and tomorrow is of course POETS day ...


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