Friday, 23 March 2012

Men at Work

MrsM and Colin the decorator
consider the traffic sign
which was behind the bookcase.

Colin the decorator says
"I expect it was a prank"

and MrsM thinks

and hears music in her head
all the way from Stellenbosch.


  1. I bet there is an entertaining story linked with that sign. Hee hee

  2. By the time I'd guessed whose bookcase it was I could hear the music too :)

    K x

  3. You know I'm going to tell you that we have similar items in our house. No prizes for guessing who is responsible but I will be seeing him on Monday!

  4. I think maybe he was given it by my ex-boyfriend's mate, who had one 20-odd years ago. If so, he could sell it on Ebay as a 'vintage' item.

  5. looks like the perfect picture of someone literally pushing their luck ...

  6. Oh Men at Work! Brings me back to my youth!!! :)

    (Which means I am OLD)

    Not :)ing anymore.

  7. Love Master M - love the music. Happy smiles from Bobby x

  8. Liz in Missouri (USA)March 23, 2012

    I wonder how many US Stop signs are hiding away in garages and attics. A universal teenager game!

  9. I just threw away the traffic cone that someone brought home from somewhere some years ago. No one seemed to be using it.


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