Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Morning

MrsM should be writing letters
but it is much more fun
playing with orange roses
and having a lazy breakfast.

Isn't this weather just blissful?


  1. Lovely morning here! Sunny and still, bright and warm. Yes, there is work to be done, but sitting here writing my daily piece, and looking at those orange roses and your pictures of the sky are the kind of thing that fills me up so I can do the work that has to be done. So, I don't feel guilty one little bit and give myself a pat on the back for engaging in filling up the spirit! All work should be so . . . rewarding! Thanks for your lovely photos!

  2. I can say Amen.
    Saturday was the first day where the sun felt warm to my skin. Today is looking to be the same. Plans to see the Hunger Games have been shelved to a rainy day. There is no way I am sitting in a dark theatre when the sun is shining.

  3. What a delightful arrangement on your breakfast table. You should be allowed to relax on a Sunday morning.

  4. I can tell you it was HOT but really HOT until 2PM and then the rain it the beach where hundreds of people were subathing or (in my son's case) swimming.
    And if you could see it from above it would have been like staring at ants running madly ...
    I was laughing (I was indoors, above the beach looking at it all).
    I shoould add there were not one but TWO events on the beach yesterday.

  5. After a very discouraging and unwelcome bout of summer and near 90F(lilacs are beginning to open a few miles south of me--yes!!--in March, not May)it finally, blessedly feels like spring again. Which means all the magnolias that opened will probably get frosted tonight. It is really, really crazy around here. Hard for someone like me, who loves spring with all her heart.

  6. Blissful in Scotland. My first visit to your blog and we have the same china! Seems very fun blog but why am I not ironing? I'm looking forward to following it.. ( your blog - not the ironing)


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