Wednesday, 14 March 2012

going away

It was my birthday!

We left London in the dark
and arrived in Marseilles
just in time for a champagne car-picnic
(don't say it, I know I'm spoilt)

We went to a bar
and a rugby match
(and saw Sir Jonny kick the ball)

and wandered through
the Saturday market at Toulon.
(I have photos of sea urchins!)

We sat in the sunshine
on the harbour wall at Cassis,
(back off, ladies, they are both mine)

slowly explored
quiet Provencal villages,
(and wondered what was beyond the doors)

and ate far, far too much
because we were with
our lovely friends, Glen and Mary,
and they led us astray.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Many Years!

  2. Happy Birthday.

    How beautiful.

    And a belated congratulations to your daughter - how proud we all are!


  3. A belated Happy Birthday! Looks like a wonderful trip to mark it.

  4. Happy birthday, it all looks sublime.

  5. A very Happy Birthday to you Alice.x

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! What a perfect way to celebrate.

    K x

  7. Happy birthday! I love getting led astray it is quite the best way to be naughty.

  8. I can almost feel the sunshine! What a wonderful way to spend your birthday.

  9. A very happy birthday Alice. Such a lovely place to spend it too. I can almost feel the warmth of the sunshine and smell the lavender!
    Bobby x

  10. Happy Birthday, what a lovely trip.

  11. Oh, sure, it's all Glen and Mary's fault, is it?
    And where are "Glen and Mary" when I need them, I ask you.

    Happy happy day, my sweet internet friend...

  12. Alysha in SeattleMarch 14, 2012

    What a beautiful birthday. So lovely.

  13. What a very lovely trip you must have had and Happy Birthday. Today is my oldest son's brithday, what a nice coincidence! I think your picture of the mysterious door is just marvelous, but then I have a fondness for doors of all kinds, and windows, always opening to new things, even the ones we go through every day will always show up something new! You always take such interesting and telling pictures.

  14. Joyeux Anniversaire et gros bisous to you!

    N x

  15. Well Happy Belated Birthday sweet Alice.

    May I ask ... how come you have a car with left drive in the UK?

  16. If Carlsberg could organise a birthday weekend away ...

    Left hand drive cars live in France, bien sur.

    Excellent weekend all round - I fear that MrsM may start to expect a repeat experience though. Was certainly a lot easier flying than driving to the south of France though.

  17. A thoroughly well deserved treat dear Alice.

    @Paola - I drive a left hand drive car here in the UK.

  18. happy happy happy birthday dear Alice, it looks like the most wonderful trip xxx

  19. You ARE lucky --

  20. Birthdays are made to be celebrated!

    Happy Happy Birthday, Alice (she says, belatedly).


  21. happy belated birthday Alice.
    and how great for your daughter.
    I am wondering about cake. Did you eat some cake?


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