Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Day in the Life

At the end of the day
MissM opens the door.

Hello! Have you had a good day?

Yes - I have been busy!
I have decided we will enter
baking into the village show
so I checked out the schedule.
I am entering a Victoria Sponge
and I looked at the other categories
to see what you could do.

I have forgotten how to make bread
and my pastry is like concrete.

We can enter the 'Tea for Two' category
It is a medley of cakes and things.

MrsM feels faint.
She has never entered a cake show before.

You need a goal to work towards...

Also, I have been invited
to the Czech Republic for a week
and I have booked the flights.
Don't worry - I will be back
just in time to do the baking.
Can you give me a lift to Gatwick on Saturday?


  1. That Miss M, she knows how to live life.

  2. you'll need some nice doillies to show off your cakes!

  3. in the words of Calendar Girls - 'line the bowl with butter, always use a warm spoon and if all else fails go to Marks and Spencers' - good luck

  4. I like MissM more and more as I get to know her through your posts.

  5. And I think you must hand cut the doillies. It will get you extra brownie points.

  6. Daughters: they do that, drag one put of one's comfort zone!

  7. Would she be kind enough to come and organise my life please?

    Have a lovely trip.

  8. Follow in your father's footsteps.
    I got first in breadmaking and second for shortbread at the Horticultural Show on Saturday !!


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