Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Vegetable Garden

I thought we could pop outside
and look around the garden..

You may gasp in admiration
at my geranium display.

Must cut back the lavender.
A gardener's work is never done.

We have cloches...

And here is the tomato house,
the vinery is behind us and
the mushroom house is second on the left.

These flowerpots are installation art...
I like to mix in a few visual metaphors
some people are so serious about vegetables.

Fan trained cherries...
doesn't everyone grow their own cherries?

And here are the apples.
I divide them by alphabetically, by county.

and finally the potting shed.
I'm all about sheds.
I'm thinking of painting it grey.

Errr...time to 'fess up
...it's not my garden
...it's at Audley End


  1. I am smirking.
    We've had four, FOUR, tomatoes.
    Oh, the joys.

  2. *swoon* the stuff of dreams.

    Any particular shade of grey for your shed?

  3. Audley End is one of the places I'd love to see; I'm a big fan of vegetable gardens. Was there a quince tree?

  4. If I had a potting shed like that I would think I had died and gone to heaven..........

  5. You botanical tease.

  6. You made me smile. I recognized the apple sign. Oh to be so organised with a garden. Just been attacking mine and nettles seem to be winning!

  7. What a gorgeous heavenly place.

  8. I *thought* I recognised it. We were there not three weeks ago pretending to be WWII recruits. As you do.

  9. That was so beautiful to see - it reminds me of a garden very dear to my heart and took me right back down memory lane ... Shades of Thomas Hood indeed!

    Pomona x

  10. Just for a moment there ... If only.

  11. where is Mellors ?

  12. How lovely! Dream gardens are wonder-full.

    (p.s. Sometimes in a long, wet Spring, I have a mushroom house... but not on purpose.)

  13. Isn't it lovely to see things done properly? Do you love West Dean too?

  14. you had me totally foooled. And jealous!! fun post though.


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