Saturday, 4 August 2012

Orchid in Sink

Place orchid in sink
Admire photographic composition
Remove orchid
Bleach sink
Dust windowsill
Clean window
Polish tap
Replace orchid
Wait for sun...

Photograph orchid in sink


  1. You need a photo assistant.

  2. Photographing flowers in the sink must be a uniquely bloggy thing to do. My white Belfast sink is often the sunniest spot in the house and acts as a great reflector. It does mean the sink gets cleaned though!

  3. true dedication. we wouldn't expect anything less, you know that don't you.

  4. The only time my kitchen window gets cleaned is when I'm photographing things in front of it. Thankfully that is quite a frequent occurrence so my window gets cleaned quite regularly.

  5. Any chance you would like to come and photograph random items in my house? I think I could really appreciate the associated benefits.

  6. Yes, my house available too --

  7. A great result needs a great effort.


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