Friday, 3 August 2012

Just in time for tea

"'...if we didn't have tea,
we could never use the china.'"

A Game of Hide and Seek
Elizabeth Taylor

Trixy china by Royal Doulton
Tablecloth by my grandmother
Delicious coffee cake by my father

One very happy son-in-law


  1. Excellent effort and much appreciated. Just need to learn how to make a coffee cake myself now ...

  2. family heirlooms (and that includes coffee cake recipes!) do indeed make the best tea parties xxx

  3. Slight alarm there for a moment when I thought you were talking about your own son-in-law. Thought I had missed a Big Event.

  4. Ahh, MrM has, at last, some coffee cake. Lovely china and linen too.

  5. Me, too! MissM has married? What? Phew.


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