Monday, 27 August 2012

At the Village Show

Prize-winning fruit

I met an old lady in the cake tent
and I told her that I had entered a cake.
She said that she had entered bread rolls
"I throw everything in and hope for the best."
We smiled at each other across generations.

Prize-winning herbs

I met an elderly man in the caged bird tent,
I complimented him on his cage displays
and he told me how he had given up everything
to concentrate on breeding rare birds.
"It saved me from a nervous breakdown
after my wife died two years ago."

Prize-winning vegetables

I met a volunteer in the vegetable tent
and asked her what had happened to the man
who displayed his vegetables with such artistry.
She told me that he lived for his allotment
and the pleasure of preparing for competitions
but his wife hated it and had booked a holiday
for the weekend so that he could not enter.

Prize-winning cake
(my cake is front row, far left)

I realised that although it was fun
to win a prize for my Lemon Drizzle cake
I would rather that MissM had won a prize
for her beautiful Victoria Sponge cake.
Next year MissM!

That would be me.

Remembering the lessons I had learned
I spent my prize money on fudge for MrM.
He was happy so I was happy.


  1. The fruit and veg could be paintings!


    Now I'm craving some lemon cake.

  2. Congratulations on your prize worthy lemon drizzle cake. As far as MissM goes, think of all the years she has ahead of her to win prizes that you do not, a sobering thought perhaps, but honestly if we get no points for experience we will be at a minus! The photos are exquisite and more than second place and I was so very relieved not to have that dower scary woman facing me again when I peeked in!

  3. I loved the style you wrote this in Alice......... like a children's story book for adults. Village shows are such wonderful occasions, ours is next weekend. Congratulations on the win.

  4. I want to live in a village. If only to be able to take photos of prize-wining fruit,herbs and vegetables. I would've taken a close-up of your cake too. Well done on your prize x

  5. Granny DotAugust 27, 2012

    Rich word pictures painted with real economy. We all enjoy!

    Sadly, I suspect Mr & Mrs Allotment may struggle on holiday unless one or other is very forgiving.

    Congratulations on the cake prize but do you get to eat the cake or does Health and Safety decree otherwise after all the breathing on by critics and admirers?

    HINT It's a long time since the last posting on china. I do so enjoy these.....

  6. Gorgeous photos as always - recipe please for the lemon drizzle - lovely post, made me smile all the way through except a little wistful sadness for the vegetable man

  7. What a mean wife Mrs Allotment man is. I hope she gets sunburn.

  8. Ooh - you've reminded me I have lemon drizzle cake in the fridge, a gift from a friend - now I know what's for breakfast ;D

    Congrats on the prize, and commiserations to Miss M :D

  9. Your lemon drizzle cake DID dazzle!! I am so pleased for you.

  10. Those pictures are just stunning.
    And you won!
    AND MrM got fudge.
    It's all good.

  11. The fudge was v good and much appreciated. Next year MrsM will sweep all before her with her ring format coffee cake - the only problem is that we decided not to eat either of the cakes from the weekend after they had been exposed to the general public for two whole days. Probably a wise call but not an easy one

  12. Congratulations, Alice!! and what beautiful photos are these!!
    Next year, year!

  13. way to go Mrs M. and choose a village fair that is only one day long and cleverly covers all the cakes with huge lengths of clear plastic, then you get to eat them! xxx

  14. Simply beautiful, words and pictures.

  15. oh domestic goddess you!!


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