Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Introducing Cheeky...

MasterM's Red VW Polo.

We've told him
not to park it
under the tree.


  1. yes those beer bottle birds can be lethal...cute car!

  2. Cute car! Looks a bit chilly there ?! Still summer in the southern US!

  3. I'm not sure it is chilly - more like a fashion statement with the gilet - my son has a couple and has to be surgically removed from them to go to bed - the other day when the temperatures were around 27 degrees C he was complaining how hot he was and then realised the gilet he was wearing had down as the filling - looked at me askance when I suggested he removed it! Teenagers eh???

  4. MasterM looks as if he is trying to be a human VW symbol - must be subliminal

  5. and, hopefully, to give a little more thought to coordinating his trousers with such a bright set of wheels.


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