Saturday, 26 October 2013

beyond the (purple) door

Pinterest is a strange place. I find it very absorbing but I think it uses the part of my brain formerly occupied by stamp collecting. It gives me great satisfaction to bring together a disparate selection of images into a coherent theme. My favourite board based on the colour Purple and includes a glass door knob, aubergines and sheet music - it is a curated gallery rather than an inspiration board.

There is so much to think about in Pinterest Land...

If Americans call prawns shrimp, what do they call shrimp?

What is arugula? And chimichurri?

Strawberry Cream Cheese Popovers.
Just NO.

Will Pinterest change my photographic style?
Expect more sunsets.

Somewhere in the world
there is a door of every conceivable colour.
Or is it the magic of Photoshop?

I have a weakness for pictures of puppies
which I am trying to manage without medication.

If the most successful food photography looks inedible
why is it so appealing?

Dear marketing manager of the refuse disposal company
I salute you for your innovative use of social media
but I think you are mistaken.

Does Mary Oliver get commission?

I feel a collection of knitting pattern swatches
coming upon me. I'm resisting.

Enough of Halloween already.

"How to Defibrillate Dying Kale?

On the other hand I bought those Victorian silver earrings from Grays Antiques after seeing them on Pinterest.

It's not all puppies and popovers.


  1. I found it quite addictive for a while, just as I did all the social media - then I decided to go cold turkey and banish all of them from my life - and do you know what - the sky didn't fall in.

  2. I'm still tearing pictures out of magazines. Should I knock at the door?

  3. arugula is rocket.
    it is the food in jars that freaks me out. salads, trifles, gin and tonics. what's so wrong with a bowl?

  4. I've found the best way to deal with Pinterest is to stay on my home feed. If I venture out to look at what the whole world is pinning I get a headache induced by oreo-stuffed brownies, cake batter dip and bad grammar. As I only follow pinners who have excellent taste I only see beautiful things.

  5. Thank God I never hooked with Pinterest.

  6. We don't have prawns really. Only shrimp.
    When we do have prawns they are bigger than shrimp and called prawns (in my experience).
    Arugula is indeed rocket.
    Americans are presently obsessed with jars.
    Chimichurri is Argentinian a green condiment for steak.

  7. most of the folk i follow are obsessed with food/recipes and it is too often overwhelming having all of that "served up"...i don't wish to "unfollow" those folk, but i am definitely editing which of their boards i see.

  8. this made me laugh.

    (and btw... I hate arugula/rocket/rucola - in Italian)


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