Monday, 28 October 2013

winter rose

I found it this afternoon,
sheltered by the apple tree,
a pink cushion of rose,
unexpected summer.

Now it is laid carefully
onto white linen,
clove fragrance seeping
into the warm kitchen.

I would not have it back,
that summer, but I am glad
of the fragrance sweetening
the first day of winter.


  1. oh... your post is so calm... (and yet outside the tail of the storm rages)

  2. A beautiful rose - all the more precious for flowering at this time of year. Unlike you I would have that summer back - I blossom in the warmth.

  3. With St Jude's threat and warning all over the place, this is simply amazing.

  4. I still have Borage flowering, Wallflowers too - don't they know?


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