Tuesday, 15 October 2013

orange : yellow : orange

I checked my list of autumn stuff
and realised that I needed to get a move on.
Photograph dahlias? Check.

Poached pears for supper tomorrow
and I'm checking chutney recipes.
All this good woman stuff is very exhausting.

For some obscure reason item #10 is
"Wear a bobble hat"
I'm thinking MrM needs to step up for that one.


  1. And number 9 must have been, "Knit a bobble hat, get small child to make the bobble."

  2. Sounds infinitely more exciting than my list which includes 'buy Mother-in-law new socks' and 'clean oven'. ....

  3. At least you did the imprtant thing first.

  4. Perfect shades. Perfect.

  5. It's hard work, this blogging. I had to postpone important paperwork this morning to get an urgent photograph of a large pumpkin - what can I say, it was just so orange in the sunshine!


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