Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Iron Age

The Ironing Maid
Thomas Harrington Wilson

You might think that
with so much time at my disposal
the ironing basket would be empty.
You would be wrong.

Turns out I have an attitude problem.

I am trying to address this
by downloading audiobooks.
28 hours of Anthony Trollope
seems suitable punishment .


  1. My particular ironing distraction is watching a Nigel Slater DVD - works every time.

  2. That's the huge difference between you and me. I must have music, how shallow of me.

  3. My friend Susan "lost" her iron and only found it weeks later in the china cupboard. She blames a hormonal imbalance. I now see it was a lack of Trollope.

  4. Liz in Missouri USAOctober 22, 2013

    I think you will want to continue to take the ironing at a slow pace. Anything too extreme might cause a reaction. ;-)

  5. ...or you could skip the Trollope and go wrinkled. That's my method.

  6. We operate an "on demand" ironing system in our house. We hang up straight from the line / dryer / radiator and then only iron just before wearing if it still needs it - it is surprising how creases drop out and how few things need ironing. Try it! One-oh-four xx

  7. I wouldn't worry - I have the same attitude problem. Haven't found a solution yet though.

  8. I only do 'pressing' when dressmaking, never 'ironing'.


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