Friday, 11 October 2013

Red ... and White

February 1958

Richard Rutledge


I'm on the sofa
wrapped up in my Galway blanket
so I'm very busy
but I think we can have a chat.
If it's quick.

I'm on the sofa resting
because I have taken up running again.
That ListWriter, she's very inspirational.

So much wind on my run today.
And autumn leaves and berries etc
Also rutting stags.
At least I can run away from them now.

Thank you for all the Apple Cake recipes.
No, really...thank you.
By the time we have eaten all of those cakes
we will never want to eat Apple Cake again.
One less thing to do next year.

Our window cleaner is called Mr Sparkles.
(this may not be his real name)
and he enjoys a chat to a captive audience.
I had to bribe him with cake to go away.

I have just cast on Jenny's Christmas present.
Sorry, no sneaky peeks.

In not unrelated news
I am breaking out the box set of "Pride & Prejudice".
Apparently Colin Firth was supposed to be naked.
I think I need to remind myself.

I bumped into a friend of MissM today
whom I have known since she was two.
She is now a fully qualified nurse.
Another reason to lie down.

We are having strawberry tarts tonight.
I know they are out of season
but they were on special offer.
Also, running. See above.

Parenthetical Discourse:
Audrey will not allow red and white flowers
because she says they are unlucky
and remind her of blood and bandages.

I have created a Pinterest account.
I find it totally absorbing:
hours and hours of eye candy.
What's not to like?

My favourite pin so far
is this Vogue photo
by Richard Rutledge.
It makes my heart sing.

You can go now.
But only if you take a slice of apple cake.


  1. oooh, how utterly wicked to mention Colin Firth and nakedness when I am at work and can do nothing about it! I wonder if drooling is bad for a keypad?
    You are making excellent use of your time off Mrs M, more of the same please.

  2. jamsandwichOctober 11, 2013

    I have also taken up running inspired by the listwriter She has a lot to answer for At least it means I can now justify a slice of cake, maybe even apple cake. Love those red shoes although my granny would be appalled red shoes are only for loose women in her opinion "red shoes and no knickers" was one of her many sayings! I shall have to watch Colin Firth tonight now inspired by you, thanks.

  3. you were running in those heels? you don't just deserve cake, you need a medal.

  4. Well, this is very exciting indeed! I should have also made it clear on my blog that when you take up running you also need to eat cake. It's a compulsory pairing. We've just finished a Nigel Slater apple cake (my idea of a good apple cake) and are now moving on to an orange and white chocolate loaf cake. Good times.

  5. It's been birthday season here, so we're a bit caked out! You wouldn't want to run where I live, it's all very steep hills.

  6. Liz in Missouri USAOctober 11, 2013

    Why - thank you very much for the chat and the lovely piece of cake. I agree that you seem to be making good use of your time off. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  7. Ah Pinterest - welcome to the visually driven dark side!

  8. I shall look for you on Pinterest, I have no idea what to do there but - well...

  9. ... i must go running... I must go running... I must go running... I must go!!!

  10. I am feeling even more lumpish now two of my favourite bloggers have (re)discovered running. Hoping it is infectious...

  11. The only thing not to like about Pintrest is the amount of time that can evaporate while pinning. Spending "just a minute" on Pintrest is about as likely as eating one potato chip. Or just going out to the garden to pull a weed or two. Possible, but very unlikely. - Laura in Annandale

  12. I HAVE to go, the washing machine is beeping ...

  13. All you running, working, studying, baking type women - I think I either need a lie down or to join your ranks. Maybe both. xx


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