Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beside the Seaside

Let's have a day off from blogging.

Walk with me to the very end of the pier.

Some sea air will blow away the cobwebs.

Are you tempted by the dodgems?

Or a ride on the helter-skelter?

If you want to go on the Turbo you are on your own.

It's a magical mix of old and new,

and nobody is taking life seriously.

Stop for hot sugary doughnuts straight from the frier

but don't feed the birds.

Thanking you.


  1. We vacationed to Ol Blighty a number of years ago now. Brighton was on the "must do list" (as opposed to the "if we can squeeze it in then great" list) The weather was very English and we convicts/australians were completely taken with the pebbled beach. Our son went exploring and ended up screaming for help from a rock just beneath the pier... Ah Brighton. Fond, fond memories. xx

  2. I fancy the Helter Skelter, although I am sure the ride down would not be long enough for me to recover from the climb to the top.
    There was a local shop keeper when I was young who always said 'thanking you'. Seeing that made me think of him and smile.

  3. Brighton is the place of my birth, and I would like hot pier doughnuts served at my wake...

  4. Brighton is, and always will be, one of my favourite places and i am SO happy to have moved back to a direct train ride away! your photos are stunning

  5. Come visit. We'll go to Santa Cruz, which you will like.

  6. I would LOVE to visit one day.
    And enjoy the Turbo ride!

  7. Thanking you too! Hot doughnuts - yum!


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