Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The China Aesthetic

What is your first concern is
when you daydream about a new home?
I worry a lot about the china aesthetic:
what sort of china will suit the house?
Plain or coloured, vintage or contemporary.
Who will be using it, what sort of food,
how will it look in the dining room?

I have chosen black and white,
contemporary designs for everyday use
and this vintage Woods tea set for cream teas.
Just look at those rural views!
A church, a cottage and a river bank...
how could you not love them!

I thought my heart would burst
when I stepped back from the dresser
and admired the display for the first time.

I know, I know, be patient with me,
I am still in the early stages of this love affair.


  1. I do love the dishes, but I want to see the dresser, too!


  2. you're like a little girl with a doll's house aren't you!

  3. Don't blame you. That china is gorgeous; dresser photo soon, please!

  4. The early stages of a love affair are the best time one could ever experience. Bring it!

  5. How exciting! We have just had new wardrobes fitted and the thrill I get from arranging clothes and my other bits and pieces back into them is remarkable. A whole house to go at must be fantastic. I can't wait......

  6. I'm very excited about my new double glazed windows so I know exactly where you are coming from. I am almost looking forward to cold weather draught free.


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