Thursday, 4 September 2014

what the commuter saw


Let's walk together today
and enjoy the summer sunshine.

Set off from Waterloo,
down the steps, under the arches,
past the Royal Festival Hall
and across the Jubilee Bridge.

Look downriver to the City
gleaming in silvery morning light.
Is this my favourite view?

Trafalgar Square is silent, empty and clean.
It is so early that the fountains
have not yet been switched on.

Nelson leans nobly
on the neatly coiled pile of rope
and all is right with the world.

Pause to watch the sunlight
slicing through the water.
How could you not feel joyful?

Here we are at Carlton House Terrace.
They are painting the facade
which means more scaffolders
than you can shake a pole at.

And at the end of the day
let's go back again, over the bridge,
looking upstream to Westminster.

Now we are back at Waterloo
and it is time to go home.

Which is the favourite view of every commuter.

This is for the erudite MasterW
who was kind enough to say
that he enjoyed these posts.


  1. You make a commute look like a gorgeous daily stroll, with snippets of amazing things and colours and shades.

  2. So much more beautiful and meditative than I remember my commute :) xx

  3. I am not convinced I would be able to find beauty in a commute, I would be too stressed by all the people and the noise, but I do love your photos x

  4. I love these views of your commute but am always surprised at how few people there are around.

  5. You lost me at the bridge. As you know.

  6. But where were the crowds and the traffic?

  7. You must have been in Trafalgar Square very early indeed! xx


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