Friday, 19 September 2014

September Sunshine

The great autumn borders at the Savill Gardens,
a spectacular explosion of red, yellow and orange.
I fear these photos have not done justice
to the skill and artistry of the gardeners.

We have soaked up the sunshine this week
every last moment in the garden precious.
It's been a glorious Indian summer.


  1. You've had frost already??

  2. Spring and Autumn are the absolute best for colours. So much rain here, glad somebody somewhere is enjoying the sun.

  3. G was just suggesting a visit to Savill Gardens, as we've never been in autumn. I didn't think there'd be much to see--my mistake! xx

  4. I always think of Indian summers as being in October - whatever, September has done us proud.

  5. Phew! for a minute there I thought that was your new garden - I was about to be overcome with a huge attack of envy. Gorgeous colours.


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