Monday, 29 September 2014

Friday morning

The dining room faces east, morning light
washing over the plates and glasses.
We eat our breakfast slowly, listening
to the chirruping of Little Boys next door.

There isn't a straight wall in the cottage,
it is all curves, dips and unexpected angles.
The vintage map of Dartmoor balances precariously,
at odds with ceiling and floor.

We arrive at the Macmillan coffee morning,
when powder-blue cups are being washed up
but in time to buy homemade chutney and say hello.
They all know who we are, of course.

Sunflowers are thrust into my hand as we leave,
grown in a garden on the edge of the village.
They glow on the kitchen windowsill,
rich yellow and ochre against terracotta tiles

I bring them home at the end of the weekend,
carefully wrapped in newspaper,
slices of sunlight from my other life.


  1. How beautiful, peaceful and transquil is your home.
    The sunflowers are a joy at this time of year

    Helen xx

  2. I do rather like the idea of "the other life".

  3. Slices of sunlight on different walls and through different windows. Very restoring.

  4. This is so soothing. If I wanted to tell you how crazy and sick my life is these days, I'd need a few months. So thank you for giving me a minute or two of calm.

  5. Wonderful -- beautiful and what fun.

  6. Wow, you really do have a lot of dips and curves if the first picture is anything to go by - that is you, the cottage, not you, yourself! Beautiful flowers. xx

  7. Beautiful light. How lovely that they gave you flowers. CJ xx

  8. Your cottage looks lovely and this is a beautiful post but I can't help thinking I would be more than a little anxious. I think it's the line about everyone knowing who you are. New people, new places. Thank goodness for the calm and beauty around you. A x


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