Monday, 1 September 2014

Of cushions

MrsM takes cushionage very seriously:
size, shape, orientation,
colour, fabric, pattern.

When she needs to leave the house
she calls in the crack troops
to act as Cushion Monitor.


We have been away!
But now we are back
and suddenly it is September.
How did that happen?

My carefully planned posts
seem to have got in a muddle
so you must be patient
while I work out which order
to tell my story.

Are you sitting comfortably?


  1. your cushion monitor looks very content x

  2. In this house people throw the cushions across the room when I'm not looking. I think I may have a bit of a reputation when it comes to moving the cushions. Right now, it's early, they are still firmly in place. So feel free to begin. CJ xx

  3. Cushion monitor is doing a very good job. Now just let me get my favourite cushion, cup of tea and a biscuit...... now I'm sitting comfortably.

  4. We will be here waiting, cozied up on a cushion! xx

  5. I have just bought a round cushion with the delightful name of Polperro in deckchair striped fabric - I just love looking at it - weird person that I am - the cushion monitor would get very short shrift if he even so much as went near it. OK that's enough of me - carry on where you left off ...

  6. Co ordinating crack troops. That's what I like to see. But can he replace the one hurled to the floor off the chaise longue?

  7. Cushions are all over the place right now since Brizio broke his shoulder ... will wait diligently for your posts, doesn't matter how long, they're always rewarding.

  8. Yes, sitting comfortably, sans favourite cushion though, I didn't know there was such a thing; I will pay more attention in future!

  9. Yay - you're back!
    Diktynna x

  10. Maybe I need. Cushion monitor... They get thrown out of the way in my house. But I've found my favourite one and I'm sitting comfortably...

  11. what a pretty cushion. and i do think your cushion monitor is very pretty, too.


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