Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Happiness in a Penny Arcade

MrM and MrsM can't resist an afternoon at the Fair.

It is a chance to invest hard earned cash

on one-armed bandits and candy floss.

It is an indication of their love for each other
that MrM lets MrsM believe
that the pennies will fall off the edge...

and MrsM never tells MrM
that the grabber doesn't reach as far as the sweets...

You might wonder why their relationship is so strong...

and the answer is
they have invested in counselling...

no expense spared...

because they know that
happiness is priceless.


  1. Whaaaaaat? You mean the pennies don't drop?

    I was quite certain I had seen them. Now you have me doubting myself.

  2. I'm quite certain the pennies drop and the sweets can be reached... What beautiful old machinery.

  3. Ah but did you get photographed with a parrot and a monkey on your shoulders?

  4. Playing "catchup" with people's blogs. Lovely photos. I linked back and loved the other set too. Sorry to hear about how ill your son has been. Seeing mum will have helped recovery.

  5. Oh look at that, where do you find such classic fair arcade items as that? I thought they'd become extinct.

  6. Oh how wonderful! Why do things like this never come to Teddington... K x

  7. I love Carters. I've been going since I was little as they roll up to the green near my parents every year - although I've only ever been on the steam boats once because I'm a big scaredy cat. Randomly, we've got some of their very old fold up chairs.


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