Wednesday, 14 October 2009

when I am grown up...

I will have a kitchen dresser
filled with beautiful china.

Kitchen at Myrtle Cottage
Dod Procter (1892 - 1972)

I have prodigious amounts of china
but no kitchen dresser...yet.

I am still working on that.


  1. making a choice of such magnitude is not something you can take lightly - and I feel that finding a suitable piece of furniture will be quite an exacting task - which of course then leads to the next challenge - which pieces of china to display where.............. oh dear all this decision making, I think I shall have to have a lie down

  2. and I will have a dressing table. Do you think pine Welsh dressers will make a come back? You'd have to display gritty brown stoneware mugs and plates on it.

  3. I've always wanted a kitchen dresser (along with a pantry and proper oven). But I don't think my china display would be nearly as impressive as yours :) K x

  4. The blogosphere, I stop a second and BOOM I am out of the loop.
    hope MasterM is better
    nice daisy
    those leaves are gorgeous
    love all over!
    God, the china ...

    PS WF ought follow diligently ...or else, lol

  5. The trouble would be -- it would look best of there wasn't too much china mashed in it. Also, no school phone lists, take out menus or other important papers. I'm sure this would never happen in your house, but I could guarantee that it would in mine. Three year old seed packets, letters from the vet, important college things immediately lost . . .

  6. I love that picture - my dream house certainly. I was very lucky that early in our marriage I had to choose between a fitted kitchen and a secondhand Aga - I went for the latter, and the corollary has been that my china has always been stored in a dresser, because the kitchen was made up of old bits and pieces of furniture!

    Pomona x

  7. I love welsh dresses. mr M hates them.

    I'm still looking for the perfect modern version of that... happy hunting to you!

  8. When Prince Charming and I stood back in August to admire his handiwork that was our "new" living room, we looked at each other, in our thrties and forties respectively, and simultaneously declared, "It's so grown-up!"


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