Monday, 5 October 2009

Retail Therapy

MrsM has been using an internet food delivery service.

There are lots of good reasons for this:

fragile shoulder,
precious Saturday mornings,
responsibility to environment.

So MrsM sits down on the sofa with a cup of tea
on Monday evenings and conscientiously orders
all the things on her list
until her mind goes numb with boredom
and she rushes to the virtual checkout.
Then she can forget all about it
until the lovely Eastern European guy
walks into her kitchen with the bags on Friday evening.

This week she went to the Supermarket
for a loaf of bread
and it was like being let out on day release.

Fabulous fruit,
exotic vegetables,
fresh bread,
delicious pastries,
flowers to drool over,
shiny magazines.

It was all a bit overwhelming
(and ultimately expensive)

Maybe online shopping
is not the way forward after all.


  1. I think I might perish without Ocado. We would certainly starve, and be a lot poorer. I can't face our local Tesco (Too big! Too bright! Too crowded!) and our local Waitrose offers far too many temptations. Sainsburys is a half hour drive away so really, I'm doing to right thing (or that's what I keep telling myself).

    Besides, how can I resist having my food delivered in a van that has a name?

  2. I like to do a bit of both but enjoy the ease of the Ocado delivery.

  3. I am beginning to think internet shopping is the way for us, and our heavy veg bag of course, mostly because when we go all together a lot more chocolate and crisps get bought. of course the local sainsburys doesn't deliver, oh no, but the tescos 35 miles away does..... no chance of ocado this far north...

  4. Oh dear Alice - it must be getting bad if you consider supermarket shopping as day release.

    I remember having a cream tea in a remote garden in Arkengarthdale right up where Yorkshire meets County Durham - the owner rustled up a new batch of scones while we sat in the sunny garden watching the bees. When we got chatting to her she told us that Tesco at Catterick Garrison delivered her internet shopping basket and it saved her a 2+hour round trip (before she even started shopping) which left her lots more time to bake the most delicious scones - an inspired arrangement I thought

  5. I get a delivery every few weeks for all the heavy and boring stuff that costs less at Tescos. But I love pushing my trolley up and down the aisles of Waitrose too. I am not disciplined enough to buy everything we fancy eating from an on-line swoop. It's just not that inspiring.

  6. Ha Ha! :))
    I find I actually budget better when I shop online. When I'm in the shop woooooh..... way too many glossy shiny magazines and cakes and before you know it I've spent twice as much!

  7. In my working days Ocado delivered all our food and the weekly shop took very little time, now I'm watching the pennies so no more Ocado for me.
    Must resist shiny magazines...must resitst shiny magazines!

  8. I'm still enjoying the novelty of isle cruising with children hanging off the trolley!

  9. Ocado is a real lifesaver for those big things that won't fit in the bike basket (like multipacks of orange juice and sparkling water). But I must admit I do like picking out my own veggies... K x


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