Thursday, 15 October 2009

Stick and Ball

MrM and MrsM were standing on the touchline
on a sunny Saturday afternoon

and it occurred to them
that this will come to end soon.

No more mouthguard fittings...

No more pretending to understand the rules...

No more team talks...

No more post-match teas...

No more time to shout out 'Well Played!!!'
just because...
because she is our daughter
and we think that she is wonderful.


  1. Oh, you'll still say Well Played - but you'll say it for other achievements.

  2. post match teas.....England is awesome.

  3. Perhaps she'll play somewhere else? My overriding memory of hockey at school was of being very cold and not being allowed to wear a tracksuit or long socks under our gym skirts to keep warm. Brrrrrrr.

  4. My memories of hockey are much the same as Dottycookie's, and I would go to any length to avoid it! The youth of today have a much more positive attitude, but then I think the facilities have improved somewhat.

    Pomona x

  5. in the old days didn't there used to be a bully off routine at the start ?

  6. I agree with blackbird: you still have many more 'well played's ahead of you.

    And so impressed with the precision of the tea cup table...

    K x

  7. Hockey on a sunny astroturf followed by a civilised tea sounds far different from my memories of a freezing cold Yorkshire field wearing only an aertex shirt and a hockey skirt playing in horizontal sleet blowing straight off the moors while the Games Mistress bawled at us from the comfort of her tracksuit and earmuffs and castigated me for not trying hard enough when she knew full well that I was truly useless and she'd stuck me out at left wing as a damage limitation exercise - happy days!

  8. Looking forward to tales of crying 'Well played Miss M' as she takes her viva or during the first week of first ever real life post-grad job. Oh yes, well played indeed Miss M.


  9. What is 'bully off' MrM? Is that 'ground stick, ground stick', or is it a little like the Maori's chant?

  10. At least you have mastered touch-line etiquette. Some other parents still have a way to go...

    Love the pink gumshield!

  11. Mouth guards!!!!!
    My goodness hockey players of today don't know they're born.
    (I was another avoider...looking down at my poor little skinny purple frozen knees is my most vivid memory)

  12. Last night I was writing addresses of faraway colleges on envelopes for M's teachers to use for recommendation letters and I thought -- I don't want her to go to any of these places! But of course I do. Kind of.

  13. Anne Bebbington: did we go to the same school in Yorkshire? "Ground, Stick, Ground, Stick, Ground , Stick.... BALL!". HOW I HATED HOCKEY! Mr and Mrs M: enjoy it while you can, it's soon gone......

  14. Love the cup and saucer photo!

  15. Menopausal Musing: Only if your Gym Mistress was called Miss Edwards who owned a flurry of little miniature schnauzer dogs - I used to think she was a total sadist in 1st Form - once I tore a cartilege in the Lower 6th which excused me from Games for the rest of my school life I got to know her as the lovely person she actually was - how strange your perception of a person can alter depending on your perspective

  16. Well Played for merely still having ankles. I nearly lost both mine and I only played for about 20 hours in total.

  17. Ah ha.. my Mum bought me all the gear and then the gym-mistress decided we were so rubbish she would concentrate on netball! Aggh!


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