Saturday, 10 October 2009

Michaelmas Daisy

Michaelmas is the point of transition
between summer and autumn, light and dark.
This little daisy flowers in patches of autumn sunlight.
I am sure that there is a paradox there.
Or perhaps a lesson for life
if only I wasn't too tired
to think about it.


  1. Alice, this post is a special treat!
    I have often seen references to "Michaelmas daisies" in British literature, but never realized they are the very wildflower that always signals, for me, the turning of the seasons here in New England.
    There are various wild asters that bloom through Spring and Summer, but when the deep purple aster novae-angliae appears along the paths, I know we have turned irrevocably toward winter.
    The Latin named stayed with me from my college botany class, because I always wondered if the plant reminded early European settlers of a plant from "back home." Thank you for bringing together these thoughts and images with your post today! I do enjoy the magic of connections made, despite great distances of space and time.

  2. I hope you find some time to rest soon.


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