Monday, 19 October 2009

Reflections on laundry

The Laundress
Edgar Degas

Half Term has arrived...
and not a moment too soon.

I feel flattened.

Time to rest,
go shopping with MissM
and perhaps do some ironing.

Back soon.


  1. I share your joy! I just began a two-week holiday from my half-time job, which has been full-time-plus for over two months. "Flattened" is a perfect description.

    Had hoped to visit the UK, but airfares are so high at the moment it seems unlikely - unless that last-minute bargain appears on the horizon in the next day or two. Perhaps some domestic travel, instead.

    I hope you have a lovely, relaxing, inspiring, revitalizing holiday!

  2. Have a lovely and well-earned break with MissM. We have another week before half term and I simply cannot wait to have my little ones all to myself again.

  3. Hope you manage to have a well earned rest Alice.

  4. Oooh, have fun shopping with Miss M and please say hi from me!

    Now must get back to the laundry. Can just hear the whirr of the machine in the background...

    K x

  5. We've another week in this part of Somerset - but it can't come quick enough - why is the winter term sooooooooooooo looooooooonggggg???

  6. hopping with Miss M... I feel another great post coming on.

    Enjoy your break (ours comes soon and I can't wait!)

  7. There have been times in my life when I have joyfully anticipated flattening sheets with heat ..but not many.
    I hope your pressing issues are joyfully resolved.

  8. enjoy your time with your daughter

  9. I'm not sure quite how ironing qualifies as 'rest'

  10. Our school term has just begun again. Our small grandson is so happy to be back at school.
    Enjoy your time with Miss M- I used to love going shopping with my Mum. Enjoy your rest!

  11. just discovered your lovely blog....

  12. Hope you're having a restful week Alice, recharging your batteries and enjoying some home time.
    I find the word "flattened" when applied to how one is feeling, sounds quite serious...hoping you are feeling a little more in-the-round?

    Our half tern is next week and I'm looking forward to the ease up in routine and some time spent with friends.
    Love and hugs

  13. Oh I hope the little rest perks you up Alice and you return refreshed. As Jackie says ironing may not be my choice of activity but shopping - now I'm with you on shopping. As Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman, 'Be still like begetables, lay like broccoli.' Lie like broccoli - just for a bit x

  14. Begetables? Having a laugh at a silly commenter might help too x

  15. Ironing - now that is always the first thing to spring to mind. Look at the iron and then walk away and enjoy a well earned break.

    Mrs Bun

  16. When you return, I'd love to have a chat about the possibility of purchasing some of your photographic work for the very bare walls of my living and dining rooms!

    E xxxx

  17. Oh. Back soon meant "more than a week", not less. Ah.

    Welcome back, if you are indeed back when you read this!


  18. glad to have found your new blog...i dont know how that slipped past me...i always enjoy your posts so much...i know how you feel about half term...i have been counting the was lovely to wake up and no school....

  19. Your way with words continues to stun me. "Flattened." Perfect, really. Enjoy the break!


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