Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A Palette of Jewels

Here is the last Hydrangea of summer:

vibrant Lapis lazuli

It too will fade:

Pale Sapphire

Rose Quartz

Creamy Jade

Watered amethyst

Soft alluring colours for subdued autumnal light.


I will be out and about for a few days:

things to do
places to go
people to see

Back soon.


  1. Stunning photos. Went to a wedding recently and the floral arrangements on the tables were hydrangeas - they are so beautiful.

  2. My mother's favourite flower. Mrs. Commentbox Senior says:

    "You must have the right soil, the right aspect and lots of lovin'"

    Thanks for the beauty.

  3. Only you could describe hydrangeas in that fashion - you should visit Sark in August the colours of them there are positively stunning

  4. pretty colours and gorgeously described but ... hydrangeas? Hmmm ... not so much.

  5. Happy travels.

    I love hydrangeas.

  6. Such exqusite faded colours. Take care while you are out and about!

  7. Hydrangeas! In all beautiful shades!
    Thank you!!!

    PS Have fun.

  8. Have a good time out and about

  9. Love the colors of your hydrangeas...almost edible.

  10. The top one is my very favorite hydrangea color. Hope you have a lovely time out and about. K x

  11. One of my favorite flowers!

    Have fun!

  12. It was a good year for hydrangeas. For the first time since we moved here, our hydrangeas had colour - lots and lots of different shades of pink, lilac and even blue. Too pleasing for words. Have fun being here, there and everywhere. C x

  13. I love hydrangeas. My favorite are the pinky-creamy-gray ones. Well, that sounds awful -- but the rosy ones that are fading to cinnamon. Have fun out and about.


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