Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Don't be jealous...

I met up with Val!
and Gina!
and Emma!

I know what you are going to ask!!
What did we talk about?
World Peace?

I have no idea...
I completely ignored
Val, Gina and Emma
because I was entranced
by the tiny Miss SilverPebble
in her flowery dungarees.

And afterwards I realised
that I have become very slack
about taking blog photos
so I had to go and chat up
the lovely man on the pastry stall
and persuade him to let me take some photos
so that I would have some evidence
that I spent the day in Cambridge.

And then, obviously, I had to buy
a pear danish pastry
for my supper

Alas...it did not survive the journey home
Just as well I took the photos before I left.

Thank you Val, Gina and Emma
it was so lovely to see you all again.


  1. I can feel myself putting on weight, just looking at your post! Yum!

  2. How can I not be jealous? How?!?

    (Slinks off to plunk a few more coins in the Trip Fund jar...)

  3. It was lovely to see you too, and to envy your gorgeous green beret. I meant to tell you how much I admired it but I completely forgot.

    And don't tell me you forgot about the skin elasticity conversation. I fear the lady at the next table thought we were all quite mad.

  4. How exciting!!!!!!! I am excited just reading about it.... :O)

  5. But I am jealous--Val and Gina and Emma and pastry--how could I not be!

    K x

  6. Strangely I am not jealous.
    Just happy.
    Because I know the feeling when you meet with people you interact over the interweb ona daily basis and then suddenly you have them here, in front of you.
    Hugs can be given and received. Laughs resonate in the air.

    And it is wonderful.

  7. Well, I'm jealous..... very.

    But nobly pleased for you, of course.

  8. It was a great treat. I notice you have been very kind and not mentioned my parking debacle and the fact I was panting for most of our time in the cafe from legging it up and down Kings Parade like a loon.

    Little Miss P was entranced by you too. She said 'I yiked the green hat yady.'

  9. I yiked the green hat yady too! It was lovely to meet up with you all.

  10. Sounds like a lovely get together with perfect company.

  11. Jealous!

    But it sounds deliciously lovely so I'm happy too.

  12. Eh? What's that you said? I got distracted by the pastries.

  13. Delicious treats on a delicious day!

  14. And we aren't supposed to be jealous!

  15. You lucky girls, a christmas gathering, what fun!

    Re Val's comment....more detail needed on the skin elasticity conversation. The mind boggles!

  16. ...did not survive the journey home as in: you ate it?!

  17. Oh, I don't know what I'm more jealous of - the delightful company you keep or those delicious looking pastries!

  18. the pear Danish I had with my coffee was very nice although the perfect accompaniment would of course have been ...

    however, safe in the knowledge that I have rendered significant service to MrsM this morning I have high hopes that my wishes in that respect may be satisfied in the near future.

  19. PS - I think that I should have selected the future rather than the subjunctive. Perhaps this is the place for the optative ??

  20. MrsM bakes exceedingly good cakes - this reference may be lost on overseas readers I fear.

    I would like to request a whole rather than choppy walnut variant though.


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