Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas : Fast Forward II

On Saturday morning
MrM and MrsM went to the Garden Centre.
And so did the World and His Wife.
MrsM stayed calm and showed MrM
where her secret parking place was
and lo! the World and His Wife had not discovered it.

And then MrM and MrsM took a deep breath
and went into the Garden Centre.

They bought:

and then they went to the express till
and were back in the car in twenty minutes.

Which left them plenty of time
to stop off at the supermarket
to buy mince pies and brandy butter
so that they could steady their nerves.


  1. Phew! that sounds like quite the shopping speed and crowds... this time of year is hard for that!

  2. As long as it wasn't stressful.

  3. I like The World and His Wife better than our Everyone and His Dog. Or, as it inexplicably has become in our family, Everyone and His Pig.

  4. I'm afraid our tree aquisition trip is set for this weekend - I've a sneaking suspicion there won't be a huge amount of choice left and for some odd reason it isn't even worrying me this year - oh dear have I lost the magic of Christmas?

  5. I am so glad to see that you the "dress the wreath with ribbon so it looks handmade" thing too.

  6. We bought the tree at the weekend and it will be brought in and decorated this weekend. Must get a wreath today.

  7. Wow. That is super efficiency at work. I am impressed by your ability to buy only what you went for and none of the additional paraphernalia that is available.

  8. Speed shopping raised to an art form.

    The word verification is 'mania'....

  9. I also add tartan ribbon for that home made effect! I have considered making my own wreath but oh so prickly prickly!


  10. Off to google "brandy butter" because that sounds like an item I need!

  11. I'm impressed! I've braved the crowds in Cambridge again today... I could have done with you to show me where to park ; )

  12. I have this vision of you and Mr M going round the garden centre at double quick speed (possibly to the music used in silent films for the police chase!). I leave all the decoration stuff to daughter - well I do shop and cook all the food..

  13. Having a secret parking spot made all the difference I see.

  14. That must be a very good parking space indeed. Very impressed with your speedy shopping. And I remember shopping for wreath ribbon at Liberty!

    K x

  15. I have to go to the garden centre with a scrap of dead plant (you may think I am joking) which my mother wants replacing with a live version for her Christmas present. The plant is long dead. I must present the crisped up leaves to the staff in the hope that they know what it is.

    I doubt I will be in and out in 20 minutes.

  16. Oh, I loved this entry!! I was looking around at blogs thinking of starting one, and stumbled upon this one because of the title!

    I am so glad I found it. I laughed out loud at your description of what you bought at the garden center, especially your requirements for the Christmas tree, which sounded rather like my own only much more amusing and less strident!!


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