Friday, 3 December 2010

Each Peach Pear Plum

Once upon a time
I did not know about pumpkins at Halloween
or pecan pie at Thanksgiving
or even if there were clementines
in the wild Mid West
but now I have friends
in every corner of the United States.

Allison in New England

Jen in the Mid West

Lynn in the Ozarks

Sarah in Maryland

Christina in a College Town
and Christy at the edge of a chalk board

Quinn, farmer, photographer, Geographer

bb in Tuvalu

Eurolush, American abroad

Kathe on the edge of the Chesapeake

Breadbox somewhere hot

And all of you
who visit and leave such friendly messages
with laughter, insight and encouragement.

Thank you


  1. well said!! of course you know some Canadians too, I've noticed... :)

  2. Do you know what we say, in Tuvalu?
    You, my dear, are a peach.

  3. This is so acutely matched (for those I know anyway). You are something, really.

  4. What a beautiful way of illustrating your "thank you's"...........

  5. The more I know, the nicer the world seems. I think it is the same for you.

  6. I read the second to last one as Mity Mice, which is rather less appealing.

    I am so glad you're here in the mornings to give me a smile. Especially this morning, which has been inexplicably stressful so far.

  7. But what about pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving? G is still getting used to that one... K x

  8. It's definitely good to have friends in far off places - makes the world a little cosier!

  9. Good lord, woman, where do you come up with these images? FAB labels, I say. FAB.

  10. Lovely illustrations - and Each Peach Pear Plum was one of our favourite books when the kids were small along with Peepo - hurray for Janet and Alan Ahlberg!!!

  11. I'm not sure what amazes me more--the circular apricot reference and that You Remembered, or that somehwere, somehow, an apricot grew in Milwaukee.


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