Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas : Fast Forward I

MrsM dreams of the day
when she will be able to offer
a blog tutorial.

In fact, if MrsM is honest,
it is her ultimate goal in life.

She knows so many clever people
who carelessly toss off tutorials
about wrangling wire, dominating wool
upskilling paper and creating sunshine
that it makes her feel a tiny bit inadequate.

MrsM considers what she could offer:

how to complete an expenses form
short term contracts for laboratory assistants
variations on field trip insurance
attendance monitoring made easy

MrsM reluctantly admits
that these may not be
as fascinating to you
as they are to her.

So there is only one thing left
for MrsM to offer...

How to Line a Christmas Cake Tin.

Please don't tell Sue
that I have only just made my cake...
she will have a hissy fit.


  1. Look at those perfect folds!
    I have never successfully lined a cake tin.

  2. You do realise with this tutorial you have combined both paper -wrangling and string-stupefying? There are some who would kill to be so talented!

  3. Disaster will come upon you for leaving it so late.

    I'm impressed by your tin lining skills Alice. I use ready cut liners.

  4. I bow to you!

    WF laterali, which is perfect in this post where the sides of the cake are PERFECTLY lined.


  5. The reader who liked fonts approved of the brown paper! :O)

  6. A beautifully lined tin!

    Quite a while ago Tracy and I talked about a skills swap, but I have yet to come up with any skill I can swap. Sigh.

    K x

  7. I am mightily impressed by the Christmas paper on the outside. I usually resort to newspaper.

  8. Oh blimey, I shall never show photos of my lined tin. I just decided that the icing and marzipan will cover up the dents and holes left when I peel off the paper that's become embedded and causes chunks of cake it fall off.

    If you could teach me how to be smiley and serene and patient with small children (as amply demonstrated last week) I would be very happy indeed. At the end of a bug filled weekend I feel anything but calm.

  9. What about how to write beautiful, limpid prose? (I think this is the first time I've ever managed to use the word limpid) and inspire others by your example to reduce their babblings?

    And is that CHRISTMAS brown paper you're using to line that tin? There's attention to detail!

  10. Tutorials and giveaways with random number generators - both hallmarks of the accomplished blogger.

  11. Once I was admiring a very young man on the television and Mr Coffee was mocking me.

    "I'm an older woman. I could teach him things" I said.

    "Like what?" snorted Mr C. "How to reconcile a chequebook?"

    Sadly he was right. This was all I had to give.

  12. It looks beautifully lined Alice, I am very impressed and must also confess that I only just made my cake too (in a greatly inferior lined tin) But then again, I always make my cake rather late and it is always moist and lovely so maybe we late Christmas bakers are on to something.

  13. Beautifully lined, Alice - and I haven't made my cake yet..

  14. so professional. one more birthday cake to bake then I can get started on the Christmas baking.....

  15. Glad to see your posh china wrapping skills have been suitably diversified.
    WV 'sture' Hope you gave it a good one and had a wish.

  16. I couldn't actually see a tutorial but I think you should do one - not everyone has a mother like mine who could teach me such things.
    Every time I line a tin I think of her.
    Do share your was with the web.

  17. Perfectly lined, and blogged with great aplomb.
    Mr P would also have a fit. He made ours in October, which he considers late, and has been feeding it with brandy and fulminating about its expected failings since then. I am counting the days until consumption so this introspection can finally stop!

  18. I'd love to learn Attendance Monitoring Made Easy. I spend most days repeatedly counting to six.

  19. now I feel inadequate ... maybe I shouldn't even be reading your blog anymore...

  20. Yeah well, I have never ever made a christmas cake in my entire life. Ditto mince pies or sausage rolls, they make me scared for some reason so I don't even go there.
    I am therefore very very very impressed by your baking (and lining) competance MrsM.
    You are The Best in my book.


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