Monday, 6 December 2010

very, very, very, very

If you are tired and fractious
...or, as in my case,
very tired and very fractious

you should get out your rolling pin
and roll pastry into smooth sheets
and drape in a pie dish

and peel squeaky green apples
and toss the slices in spicy sugar
and rub butter into flour
to make a snowy crumble topping...

and at some point in the process
tranquility will find you.

It worked for me.


I am very behind with my emails.

I am very sorry...
it is nearly the end of term
and there don't seem to be
enough hours in the day.


  1. Oh Alice, may the week bring comfort rather than turmoil. I hope Master M had a lovely birthday and you were able to enjoy it despite the distance between you all.

  2. I agree 100%. Baking is a marvelous therapy and in your particular case with the smell of cooking apples ... oh mine ... what can be more soothing that that.

  3. Hope you won't be tired and fractious at lunchtime because that would make two of us ...

    I am trying desperately to remember to bring beads to show you - ooooh!

  4. Stitching does it for me Alice - must be something about making something with your hands and seeing a finished product gives you that sense of achievement amongst the melee of the season

  5. Have a better week. Eating helps me too.

  6. I can't bake when I'm stressed. The pastry always seems to know and go all wonky.

    Hope you have a calmer week this week. Nearly time for a rest!

    K x

  7. Pastry on the bottom? Innovative.

  8. This time of year tranquility seems to be in short supply and time seems to fly by more quickly than ever. Rolling pastry does sound very therapeutic and of course you have the added benefit of a delicious pie to show for your endeavours. I'm sure the eating of it was therapeutic too!

  9. Sounds good to me - I usually make soup so I can feel very righteous at using up the odds and ends in the fridge!

  10. I think it must have worked because you didn't seem at all tired and fractious today... only serene, smiling and beautiful! Hope you had a safe journey home.

  11. I am tired and fractious, and have no apples..... but your's looks lovely
    I do have chocolate, so maybe I'll come up with a not so healthy equivalent x

  12. You may well have solved an ongoing family dispute: pie or crumble.
    Thank you!

  13. Apple crumble.... My favorite!


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