Sunday, 19 December 2010

MasterM is back in town

Are you sure it is sensible to go to the party?
The snow is very thick.
The trains might be cancelled.
You might get very cold...
maybe even pneumonia.
If you really have to go
you must take wellington boots
AND a hat
AND gloves.
Do you have enough money?
What about a phone?
Why are you taking that Santa outfit?

Settle your petals,
I am 21 now.

MrsM wrings her hands
and starts some baking therapy
consoled by her trusty iPod.

Image from:
Golden Age Paintings
Thank you, Hermes!


  1. I love this one...letting go is the hardest thing a Mrs ever has to do! Harder even than childbirth!

  2. I wanted to say on your last post, maybe you didn't realise what an important role that was.... so wonderful to be appreciated!

  3. "Settle your petals"........... I am loving and smiling at that phrase..........

  4. Harsh.

    Life for a mom is simply so darn HARD.

    Welcome home for the Holiday MasterM.

  5. 'Settle your petals' is a new one to me. Must use it at the earliest opportunity.

  6. Must start saying 'settle your petals' straight away! How wonderful. Though I'm usually the one with the ruffled petals round here... K x

  7. Oh dear. So familiar. I would have added a clean hanky to the list too.

  8. The candid photo of you in the kitchen hard at work is quite lovely, MrsM. Though you have aged a bit since the last time I saw you...hmmm.

  9. Such comfort to hear these familiar exchanges and know I'm not alone... although "settle your petals" is a new one on me and did raise a smile! I usually get told to "chillax"

  10. alice.
    that is brutal.
    I am not sure if I am going to make it - my son is just 15 now.
    the music was a lovely touch.

    and the previous post where you shut down the comments... well. well.


  11. Mr DC insisted on driving off with Tall Small to the local hill for sledging this morning. I stayed at home and settled my nerves with vigorous hoovering.

    And she's only 8. I stand no chance.

  12. Settle your petals - what a great phrase - definitely to be incorporated into the Willcocks family lexicon! I laughed out loud this icy morning when all my birdies are away from the nest; two stuck in Devon and one trying to get back from the school ski trip, flying into Gatwick. My petals are not, currently, very settled, so to read your post today was particularly good.

  13. settle your petals....I love that!

  14. I like Master M. He's a dude.

    And don't ruffle those petals... they're special.


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