Monday, 7 November 2011

The Backs

On a quiet autumn morning

we walk from Silver Street

along the Backs

and the copper leaves are thick underfoot.

There are so many memories

in these bridges, gates and avenues

that the past walks alongside us

in the bright light and cold air.


  1. If you were there this weekend then you may have just missed me - it's a regular Saturday morning amble down into town from dropping the Smalls off at their choir in West Rd. Cambridge was astonishingly lovely this weekend - well, as long as you stayed out of the shops, that is.

  2. a beautiful collection of pictures... the alley with the copper leaves as you called them is a dream : )

  3. What a beautiful reminder of home. Thank you.

  4. Wonderful images, I have never found my way to the non-commercial areas of Cambridge. Sadly.

  5. So beautiful and peaceful.

  6. Beautiful. My memories of Cambridge, last visited many years ago, are less lovely: it was cold and damp; it took about 4 attempts to obtain a clean fork in a little bistro where we lunched; but we did listen to a young girl busking - something delicate and classical, played on a violin. The rest is forgotten; how alarming!

  7. 'that the past walks alongside us' you touched me again xx


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