Monday, 28 November 2011

Raspberry Ripple

I don't really understand how colour works

I just know instinctively
that this combination doesn't gel

until you add the raspberry colour.

Thank goodness the good people of Rowan
tell me what to buy because otherwise
I would be paralysed by indecision.

I have discovered one thing though...
photographing yarn on plates is very satisfying.

I am amazed that I never thought of it before.


  1. Lovely yarn, yummy...and see, the only thing that was missing was the one in the middle.
    Middles are good and important. Middles hold us all and keep the outer circle together. Middles pull us in and keep us safe, lest we all fly off in a flurry.
    Middles are like families...reflecting the beauty of all of our colors.
    (Oh, my..I am waxing on too much..time for some tea and bed.)
    However, I do believe this and the yarn is gorgeous.

  2. Lovely. But I like the combination without the raspberry as well as with it.Now then, what are you going to make?

  3. considerably less calories than cake too :) looks like there might be something crafty going on in the Magpie household

  4. What's that lurking beneath the plate?

  5. Second photo down: wool at top looks like coffee, wool at bottom looks like walnut...........
    Did you do that to tease him?

  6. 'Course it doesn't work, there was a big hole in the middle pf the plate!

  7. wool on plates - priceless x

  8. Is that a baby blanket under the dish?
    Lovely colours.

  9. Gorgeous colours... but I want to see what you are making.

  10. Seriously lovely colours, but yes for us nosy people what ARE you making. I can see the teaser.

  11. Please tell me you aren't making MrM eat wool these days. Delicious though it looks, it's hardly sustaining ;-)

  12. You have the tones right. That's part of the reason they look so good together.


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