Thursday, 10 November 2011

MissM : Update

Illustrated by Arthur Rackham (1919)

What time did you get in
from the party?

I got back at 3.30am...
and I had a seminar at 9.00am.
I made it - and I contributed!
That's my girl


Thank you all
for your sparkling comments this week.
We are off to see MissM tomorrow
I'm very 'cited.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Brava, MissM! And have a wonderful weekend visiting her, MrsM!
    (And by the way, when I turned 30 I told my mom I thought it was time for her to stop asking me what time I had gotten in from the party. :) )

  2. Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Hello Alice how lovely to have found you again. I used to blog at Willow House and thought that you'd stopped with the Magpie Files. Of course I should have known better...
    Have a wonderful time with Miss M.

  4. Oh I remember those days *sigh* not sure I was ever up for contributing much the morning after though. Well done MissM.

  5. It's no doubt impossible for MissM to imagine how one day she would neither be able, or wish, to stay up that late without incurring huge penalties for a couple of days afterwards. It's barely imaginable at my age now to remember how I could keep those hours in my youth. But I did!

  6. Oh yes, I remember those days too.
    Enjoy your weekend together!

  7. love the Cinderella illustration : )
    bravo to your girl : )

  8. Marvellous to see an Arthur Rackham again. Miss M is a bit of a diva isn't she?

  9. Good for you, MissM! Ah, the pangs of youth-envy.

  10. I have just found your blog through a bit of link clicking and you have made me smile and laugh this morning. Thank you - lovely blog. :)

  11. Go MissM!

    We would expect nothing less.


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