Thursday, 28 November 2013

family history

...Aunt Marjorie was an unusual person. When she died the nurse said to me "She didn't need to die, she just decided to. She turned her face to the wall and that was that." They stayed in Liverpool because she didn't want to be a don's wife although I don't know why because you can be as odd as you like. She kept the house as neat as a pin but she wouldn't let anyone in. Thomas and I went once but she wouldn't let anyone else in, not even her own mother. Her mother was very strict and they didn't get on. Did I tell you that we discovered that her mother's mother was Russian? It was such a surprise, it was as though the family had kept it secret, I suppose that her grandfather must have gone to Russia at some point. Of course, Aunt Marjorie's father was killed in the First World War but they didn't tell her and she kept waiting for him to come home. He had given her a little teddy bear and she waited and waited but he never came. I expect that was what started it all...


  1. Clare from LeedsNovember 28, 2013

    So poignant....And thanks to your writing, that beautiful picture is in my head.....

  2. Poor, poor little girl waiting. cath


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