Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Jack O'Lantern and friends

It was my day off
so I went shopping.
Walk, walk, walk.

I am exhausted.
My arms ache.
Too many bags.

I bought yarn.
Lovely smokey blue
for a bobble hat.

Also Christmas chutney.
Bring on Boxing Day,
I'm not scared.

Not much to say
about the pumpkins.
Enjoy the knobbliness.


  1. They are so lovely, even in their rumple-ness. I love Fall and all of the gorgeous goodness that comes with the season. Hunkering down, closing is, and so much comfort.

  2. Now that last one could easily be mistaken for a bobble hat.

  3. wonderful pumpkins - did you grow them - mine were rubbish this year


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