Friday, 15 November 2013

memory of light

gold between glass and sky,
the ginkgo tree stands sentinel,
a hammered brightness,
spear-straight, leaves linked,
witness from an old world.

autumn marches irresistible.
full burnished armour falls
exposing the frail nakedness,
bravery of barbed branches
lacerating grey winter skies.

curls of green-spring leaf
will reward dark courage,
soft tendrils of a new world;
but now the ginkgo tree stands,
gold between heart and sky.

Alice Christie (17 xi 12)


  1. How beautiful is this.

  2. Love the image that goes perfectly with the poem - is it a fossil or produced by an artist?

  3. Liz in Missouri USANovember 15, 2013

    Lovely, Alice!

  4. Snap! Except yours is more poetic of course.

  5. Wow! Are you in training for Poet Laureate?

  6. I absolutely love this Alice!! x


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