Friday, 29 November 2013

what the commuter saw


11 November
Waterloo Station : Monday morning

7 November
Admiralty Arch

18 November
Lemons at Trafalgar Studios

18 November
It's not cycling weather this morning

19 November
Trafalgar Square : Fourth Plinth

20 November
Trafalgar Square in the rain

25 November
Waterloo Bridge

26 November
St. James' Park


I take a photo every day
on my way to work
which I post on twitter.
It is a project I enjoy very much
and I want to share them more widely
so I will post here once a month.
All photos are taken using my phone.


  1. Have you been to see the nose on Admiralty Arch?

  2. Thanks for these lovely photos, especially of Waterloo Bridge. I used to walk across it every morning on my way to work at the BBC in the Strand. Long, long ago now, but a good memory - the sunlight on the buildings is positively Wordsworthian!

  3. It is easy to imagine a lady on a sidesaddle coming through St. James' Park. And the lemons have me wonder: why, and why there? cath

  4. I was a little behind. Just read your last family stories, they are amazing to say the least. And these photos? Precious!

  5. Thank you, it is a long time since I spent much time in London, it is good to see it again.


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