Monday, 4 November 2013

MissM was here

Photo by MissM.

Yes, it was LOVELY to have MissM at home.

Unfortunately, there was a slight altercation
when MrsM tried to prevent MissM from
taking the "Hand-Knitted With Love"
hot water bottle cover back to uni.

MissM said that if she had known
that the gift had conditions attached
she would not have been so grateful.

MrsM reluctantly accepted that
she would have to knit one for herself too.


  1. That doesn't even come under the heading of "Excuses to knit". It's a real, valid reason. Oh, don't you wish there were more of them??

  2. You MUST. It's so cute. I hope you parted on a kiss and make up note though.

  3. Of course you need one for yourself... and what a paeceful looking room.

  4. Children huh - what can you do!

  5. what?? surely a lady of taste and refinement like you has one to match set of sheets and nightdresses....

  6. Liz in Missouri USANovember 04, 2013

    We love our kids! Even when they make up re-knit!

  7. Well, you really should have one each...
    Pretty room.


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