Friday, 22 November 2013

In which I land on my feet

The British School at Rome is an historic academic institution founded in 1901 to celebrate the cultural links between Italy and the United Kingdom and provide support for research into archaeology, history and the fine arts. The British School is a magnificent building on the edge of the Borghese Gardens in Rome based on the Lutyens design for the British pavilion at the International Exhibition of 1911. It opened in 1916 and houses an important library, residential accommodation for scholars and studios for artists. It is funded by the British Academy and by generous benefactions and this is the institution that I find myself working for, based in the British Academy building in Carlton House Terrace.

When you make a job application you should research very thoroughly to make sure that your skills match the job description and that the location, terms and conditions are acceptable. I stress this to MrM, MasterM and MissM .

These are the things I did not know when I applied:

I honestly did not know
the London office is in Carlton House Terrace.
Arriving at the grand entrance
for my interview
was a shock.

I assumed from the job description
that I would be photocopying.
and other low skill administrative tasks.
I will be involved in fundraising activities.
This will be fun.

I thought my role would not require travel to Rome.
I was wrong.
I booked my first trip this week.

So... I am working in Carlton House Terrace, with archaeologists, historians, classicists, architects and practising artists with occasional trips to Rome.

I also have permission to blog about it.

Sometimes I am much luckier than I deserve.

(I should add two things: it was MrM that booked the flight, of course, and I applied because when I met MrM he had just returned from excavations based at the British School at Rome.)


  1. So, not scientists then. Sounds fascinating, stimulating and fun. Wish my son would find himself a job like that. Or indeed a job full stop.

  2. Wow! It is also absolutely fantastic that you can blog about it.

  3. That must have been quite an interview! But I'm imagining you concealed your surprise (fundraising?! travel!!) behind a calm yet enthusiastic professional response. Then did cartwheels in the garden when you got the job :)

  4. fantastico - viaggio sicuro

  5. I want to know when you'll be "here".

  6. Liz in Missouri USANovember 22, 2013

    I would say not lucky - but an excellent job for a deserving lady of class and style! Good On You, MrsM!!!

  7. This sounds absolutely fascinating and I am so much looking forward to reading about it. Congratulations. cath

  8. That sounds interesting and challenging, just what you need. To be able to blog about it is wonderful for me as a reader.

  9. Congratulations, Alice! It sounds wonderful.

  10. Oh my god it sounds like my dream job.

  11. And for some reason i hit send instead of return, and didn't manage to say congratulations!

  12. oh wow!! congrats, it sounds fab... if you ever need Italian lessons... I'm always up for a coffee!

  13. Congratulations, MrsM!!
    Looking forward to your trails and tales.

  14. What an exciting sounding job!


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