Thursday, 14 November 2013

Happy Birthday, MissM

Oh, MissM, you are 22 today!
How can this be?

Here is MissM with MasterW in Florence.
They were terrific people to holiday with...
MasterW had intellectual discussions with MrM
while MissM gave essential handbag advice to MrsM
and MasterW patiently tried all the ice-cream flavours
to please MrsM while MissM provided inside knowledge
on the wifi hotspots in central Florence for MrM.
We could hardly bear to let them go
and have been plotting ever since
how to lure them on holiday again.

Happy Birthday MissM...
may it bring
delicious cake,
new party shoes,
sparkly jewellery,
a noisy party
and, above all,


  1. Yes indeed. Happy Birthday Miss M.

  2. Sounds like a lovely time was had all round. I'm sure MissM would wish all those things for herself too - here am I - a total stranger - wishing her happy birthday.

  3. Happy birthday, Miss M - hope you have a really good time.

  4. Happy Day, Miss M!

    (who is, I might add, the perfect age for my Middle)


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