Monday, 24 March 2014

An embarrassment of flowers

There are too many flowers in the house
and it feels shockingly extravagant.
Perhaps if I share them with you
I can spread the burden of guilt.

These delicious orange tulips
are from a market stall in Cambridge.
It was a bright sunny morning
and I had just bought for lunch
a loaf of rosemary and seasalt bread.
I was feeling virtuous and housewifely.
Tulips seemed a necessary purchase.

Unfortunately, I had completely forgotten
that I had bought a bunch of hyacinths
before I left for Cambridge on Friday.
I assume this was caused by the stress
of sitting on the M25 for two hours.
I made it in time for the party but only just.

Luckily I had a clear run back on Saturday
and MrM was very pleased to see me.
This is partly because I had promised
to chauffeur him back from a rugby match.
These sunflowers are a gift from MrM
and they are glowing in a blue vase
from lovely Jenny the Cartographer.

There is no room for so many flowers!
No room in our tiny house, I tell you!
I had to move my ivy arrangement
to make room for the jug of hyacinths.
There is a story about the sauce tureen
but I am too exhausted with housework.
Another day.

And so to bed.
A small pot of pink roses,
my private pleasure.
Some things do not change.


  1. You can never have enough flowers in the house - a lovely selection - the orange tulips are very cheery.

  2. Nothing wrong with having lots of flowers in the house! I think that the hyacinths in the blue pot look very lovely. xx

  3. There is no such thing as too many flowers in the house. Unless you can't open the door. That would just be silly.

  4. I'm loving the pots that the flowers are in and the pebbles. I also have pebbles all over the house, including by my bed. The ones by the bed came from the Ardnamurchan peninsula, from a small beach that felt like it had never seen human feet. All the pebbles were so soft and worn I put three in my pocket. They are good to touch when feeling a little tense.

  5. It's just 'a multitude of small delights' - be happy! No guilt is allowed around flowers.

  6. I am still waiting for the sauce tureen story.

  7. that is no embarrassment to me, beautiful flowers indeed, I am matching your tulips, and the roses in the bedroom (which always feel like a luxury but bring endless pleasure) but I have two vases of daffodils, instead of your sunflowers. As extravagances go it is a small one, thank you for sharing!

  8. Just consider yourself a very lucky woman!


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