Tuesday, 25 March 2014


in Tanzania...

MasterM is maintaining his vitamin intake.

"Today we got a selection of mangoes.
Tomorrow we are going to buy pineapple.
Or maybe paw paw!"

It is disconcerting to remember
that when he was a baby
he was Lord Picky Eater
and lived on cucumber for 3 months.


  1. Cucumber - 3 months - really!

  2. No 1 survived only ate fromage frais and cheese slices for about 6 months... (hasn't had a cheese slice since!)

  3. My daughter lived on cucumber and thin ham. Even now she doesn't like chocolate and so when we shop I buy her cucumber and iceberg lettuce which she eats like sweets while watching telly.

  4. My other half's sister lived on cheese and baked beans for years apparently. It always gives me heart to hear how they grow up to like almost everything.

  5. Once he had gone away to school he was even prepared to have gravy on his roast dinner if I remember rightly

  6. After surviving on not much more than peanut butter for a substantial period of time (much to my mother's chagrin!), I won't touch it now unless it has a substantial amount of chocolate with it. Isn't it wonderful to be a grown-up!

  7. Wow, there is no way that I could live on cucumber for 3 months, now the mangoes, perhaps!!! xx


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