Saturday, 22 March 2014


This week has been a blur. We were in Rome at the weekend and then I went to visit MissM. Now I am off to Cambridge for a party and in between there have been two busy days in London and a trip back to see the Geographers play football. I am glad of it - how lucky I am to have such a full life and the good health to enjoy it. In the not too distant future we will be visiting MasterM and before that I will see bb in London! I cannot wait! But for now, in real life, the laundry. Man cannot live without clean socks. Ahem.


Thank you for all your lovely comments - you are so generous. I would particularly like to thank Ali Ballon for her kind words on Thursday - I was truly touched by what you said, Ali.


  1. Ali has articulated what so many of us feel, I think.

    1. It's funny that I see the same names that follow Alice. Not all of us comment all the time but there feels to me to be a shared sense of enjoyment so I'm really glad I had the courage to write what I did and that it felt right to other followers. (Now it's starting to sound a bit like a cult so I'll stop)!

  2. Waving to you as you travel to Cambridge!

  3. You are so right about "the good health to enjoy it"!


Thank you! I love reading your comments and even though I don't always have time to reply I am really grateful to every one who joins in the conversation.